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Content is, well, everything. It needs to be attractive, powerful, convincing, flexible and much more. It carries the responsibility to be truthful and entertain at the same time. As it flows through various digital media channels, it attempts to imprint in the minds of the reader and create brand awareness.

In a content marketing campaign, content has a more complicated agenda. It cannot take the liberty of directly promoting the product. Instead, it has to establish itself as an authority to garner the trust that is required for the product and indirectly advertise it.

As a content creator for content marketing campaigns, you would be responsible for blogs posts, social media posts, infographics, etc. For every medium the content creation process is different but has the same desired outcome. Your content needs to hold the attention of the potential customer and generate sales or traffic on landing pages.

But, how do you create content that is effective and tells the story that customers want to hear? Here are a few tips:


Imagination has the power to bring to life thoughts and ideas and it is the greatest asset to creative content generation. Do not restrict yourself, at least not at the beginning. Keep working on your idea in different ways. In a few iterations you will hit on the right notes or in this case, syllables. Successful content marketing campaigns are a great mix of imagination and creativity together with technological support.


Do not compromise on research for your content. The more you dig, the clearer your ideas would become. Do not limit your research to the internet if possible. Read books and journals to cover more ground on the subject and subsequently more information for your content. However, research is not just limited to books or the internet. Depending on your content, you can research by simply observing people, nature, traffic, etc. Here is a list of free e-books on content marketing to give you an idea.


Always provide correct information in your content. Do not falsify or post anything without verification as that would bring down your brand image. Double check on statistics if you are using any, in your content and always cite the source. If you are in doubt about any part of your content, do not continue with the rest unless you have resolved on its correctness. Did you know, according to statistics, 78% of women use social networking sites?

Target Audience

Content is always developed keeping in mind a target audience. Your target audience may be chosen as per the geography, demographics or preferences. For instance, if you are selling handcrafted jewelry, your target audience would most likely be women. Therefore, design blogs or videos for the content to sell your jewelry to women. The content for your marketing campaign could contain relevant and interesting topics like how to clean handcrafted jewelry, etc.

Interactive Content

Create interactive content that allows for audience engagement. Your audience is highly likely to engage with you once you have established your presence as a brand in your customer’s minds. At this point, you have created trust which is why the customer wants to engage with you. Always reply to the audience and do that as promptly as you or your digital marketing team can. As you may have noticed, your time to respond to queries is often advertised by social media platforms and creates a brand image in the minds of customers. If you take too long to respond, customers may shy away from asking about your goods and services.


Your content has to be original or else it won’t make an impression on your customers. High-quality and original content will make you different from others. And that is why your audience will remember you. Therefore, you are creating brand awareness among your target audience with original content. Inspiration can strike you anytime, however, you must stay original as you create content for your product.

Add Images or visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words. This old adage could not be more true today. Adding visuals and graphics is sure fire way to convey your thoughts in less words and more interesting ways. In addition, you can do a great deal with images to make your blog or content become more appealing and interesting.

Add Value   

Your content must add value to the customer. That means, your content has to contain information that your customer can use. Maybe it is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) or it is a cost comparison chart between travel destinations – anything that the customer was probably looking for.

Mobile Responsive Content

More people access the internet through their personal devices like mobile phones or tablets today than before. What these devices have in common is different screen sizes. Which means your content has to display properly in every device.

Offer solutions

Create content that states the problem and offers solutions. Suppose you have a product like a super absorbent cloth that wipes moisture off kitchen surfaces or bathrooms. Create a content that states the problems users will face if they do not have your product. You may even create content to show how to store the super absorbent cloth after use so that it lasts long. Thus, not only did your content state the problem but showed how your product can save the day.


Create and post content on a regular basis if not daily. If you do not post regularly, you are allowing your competitors to gain access to the market share. This means, you as a content creator are under a lot of pressure to keep moving forward. Catch on to latest trends and create content to include them. A very famous butter manufacturer used this before the internet even existed. Small adverts would appear in newspapers with their mascot featuring with the ongoing political or entertainment trends.


It is estimated that 90% of all organizations, whether big or small rely on content marketing for their business. Good content keeps the customers engaged and generates leads thereby increasing sales. One of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, custom content marketing increases the chances of customers to follow brands and eventually take action or make a purchase.

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If businesses three years ago were not certain about the impending supremacy of digital technologies, the COVID pandemic provided brutal clarity. Over the past two years, as businesses have been forced to close and consumers compelled to remain locked up in their homes, the most successful organizations have been those that were capable of taking advantage of digital tech to connect employees, customers, suppliers and more. As various patterns continue to linger at the tail end of the pandemic — patterns like consumer behavior, supply chain threats and employment preferences — more companies are eager to adopt the tools and strategies used by those successful businesses and find similar success for themselves.

Thus, digital transformation has become a massive trend across industries. But — what does digital transformation really mean, and how do business leaders manage it? Read on to find out.

Understanding Transformation

Before we can delve into the details of digital transformation, it might be useful to lay the groundwork by understanding the category of organizational change that digital transformation belongs to: transformation. Unlike other types of change a company can undergo, transformation always involves a fundamental change to the entire business — its systems, processes, people and/or technology — to achieve some type of improvement, like greater efficiency, greater effectiveness or higher stakeholder satisfaction. In addition to digital transformation, an organization might experience:

  • Process transformation, or the optimization and automation of low-level, repetitive processes to focus effort on higher-value projects.
  • Management transformation, or the alteration of the existing hierarchical structure to improve communication and facilitate faster, better decision-making.
  • Cultural transformation, or the translation of shifting company values into action and practice by the workforce, resulting in a new character and personality to the organization.

Transformations are almost always long, requiring multiple years to complete the broad changes required for success, and transformations demand extra energy from every single employee, who must learn the new systems and processes to uphold the bold, seismic shifts. Transformation is not easy, even when it is necessary, as is increasingly the case with digital transformation.

Understanding Disruptive Innovation

Another critical component of digital transformation — indeed, typically the driving force of digital transformation — is disruptive innovation. Businesses innovate constantly, developing new tools and techniques for achieving their goals and appeasing their customers. Yet, sometimes innovation creates something that is remarkably better than the process or product that came before, and this can result in disruption.

Disruption occurs when an innovation creates a new market value and value network. Over time, the new market will grow and overtake the existing market, displacing the established companies and products that previously dominated. Unlike transformation, businesses cannot plan to participate in disruptive innovation. There are some business strategies that provide more fertile ground for fruitful innovation, but to innovate a product or process that is disruptive requires the convergence of creativity, diligence and luck. Instead, business leaders most often need to be poised to react appropriately to disruptions in their market — which increasingly means engaging in digital transformation.

Understanding Digital Transformation

The simplest definition for this exceedingly complex and expensive process is: Digital transformation is the widespread adoption of digital technology throughout an organization. In many ways, this explanation of digital transformation is most reflective of the experiences of the largest number of organizations, as it avoids the issues of why a business engages in a digital transformation and of how an organization achieves digital transformation — both issues being extremely subjective.

In the post-pandemic world, there are many reasons organizations might be more interested than ever in digital transformation, such as:

  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing revenues
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Improving agility
  • Improving customer experience
  • Increasing compliance

Likewise, there are almost uncountable ways that a company could go about completing a digital transformation. Despite the availability of step-by-step guides on business blogs across the web, the truth is that every digital transformation is unique, highly dependent on the existing processes and people of an organization. Executives interested in effecting a digital transformation should learn as much as they can from structured digital transformation courses led by industry experts at some of the world’s best business schools. Then, business professionals might be able to develop their own understanding of what digital transformation really means.

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Is SMM demanding all your attention? Instead of ruffling through the rough, use a social media manager tool to ease your daily schedule. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? So, want to know how to manage social media and improve results when you’ve got an overwhelming workload?

#1. Perform Group Tasks: Batching

Batching, as the name implies, is the process of performing comparable jobs in a single operation. As an example, let’s assume that you’re scheduling your media posts for the week or designing graphics to accompany those posts. Batching, rather than hopping from one task to another, helps us remain focused.

It’s best to tackle all media posts at once and concentrate on other activities with similar intensity later. Working during peak hours is another option, as well as using productivity hacks like the Pomodoro technique.

#2. Hire a ChatBot

Well, you won’t have to pay them, but installing chatbots will drastically change the response time for a social media company. Most social media accounts take a long time to respond as employees may not always spend time online.

Creating a Messenger chatbot only takes a few minutes and does not require any code. If the questions get too complex, a person can quickly take over before the bot’s automated responses irk a client.

Chatbots are a game-changer in our attempts to save time and improve results.

#3. Automate Like AI

Since we’re automating chat boxes, we might as well take it further to other menial tasks that take up time. Repetitive and time-consuming duties can be easily automated, particularly for social media managers who are already busy.

Automated solutions can automatically reshare posts from one social network to another or send you personalized emails when you’re asked a question on Twitter, among other things.

Online applications can automate processes between several platforms as well. For example, you can send a tweet from your Twitter account every time you publish a new blog post or YouTube video.

#4. Take Advantage of Scheduling Software

You are not expected to publish manually more than 15 times a day to your media platforms. But you are expected to post at particular times, and sometimes this may not be feasible. Set up scheduling tools that post on your behalf.

This way, you can finish all the posts at once and won’t have to take a break from your workout session to post a picture of a tantalizing piece of cake. There is, after all, a thin line between comfort food and food that takes you down the guilty lane. So, let the software post for you while you religiously work out your core.

#5. Focus on Quality

No matter how many posts and announcements there are, the worst thing that could happen is for one of those posts to include inaccurate or irrelevant information. For us, it’s important to make sure that the content we provide is good enough to be retweeted by peers in different industries.

It’s also important to find content that will remain rather than just trend for a few weeks and then fade away.

This is a gold mine if you can provide material or come up with new ideas that will be relevant for a long period. A secret to this is creating original and relevant content. Who would’ve thought it!

#6. Avoid Multitasking

There is no way you can get more done while simultaneously writing an essay, texting a coworker, and waiting on hold at the doctor’s office, yet we continue to think we get more done when we multitask.

Multitasking has been shown to have an impact on one’s IQ and stress levels. Think critically and work faster while focusing on one activity at a time, rather than trying to perform numerous things at once.

#7. Observe Social Metrics and Time

Evaluating performance is as important as asking how to manage social media. Analyzing trends is critical because doing the same thing over and over isn’t going to get you anywhere; therefore, it’s crucial to keep an eye on new market events and make adjustments if necessary.

You shouldn’t just monitor the output; you should also keep tabs on how to use your time.

If you know how much time it took to build and manage a social media campaign, you can more accurately estimate how much time it will take to complete similar campaigns in the future, allowing you to plan your time and resources accordingly.


Social media management is gaining traction for the results it provides but is also known for the stress it can cause when it’s not planned properly. Don’t succumb to the pressure; using these brilliant social media management tips will keep your online media active while you enjoy a decent work-life balance.

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Considering email marketing as obsolete will probably be one of the biggest mistakes you could make when reaching out to your target audience. Such a belief is misguided and will cost you sales opportunities you can’t dismiss.

Today, email remains to be a powerful marketing channel. For starters, email marketing has what it takes to increase your audience share massively. It’s also flexible and scalable. You can adjust your strategies accordingly, based on your most important metrics. Lastly, data ownership remains with you, and that’s something you could tap in any way you want.

If those advantages stated as mere pronouncements don’t appeal to you, perhaps actual numbers would. With email marketing, you could increase ROI by up to 4,300%. That translates to a $42 revenue for each dollar you spend.

Now you’re probably all ears. However, you cannot just wing email marketing. With this channel, it pays to approach it methodically. After all, your main objective is to increase engagement and conversions. It won’t suffice to send out emails that do not elicit your intended response. And with that, you have your work cut out for you.

To help you with that goal, here are actionable ways to get behind.

Ask questions

To maximize the potential of email marketing for your small business, do it right from the get-go. That means tapping your target audience to solicit ideas you could use for your eventual email marketing strategy. For example, you can conduct a customer survey to know what type of email content they would like to see.

Ask pertinent questions regarding how amenable your target audience is to receiving email campaigns. If they’re okay with it, ask what kind of messages they are willing to engage with. Don’t forget their preferred time and days for receiving emails, too.

As for your actual emails, it also won’t hurt if you make it a habit to ask for real-time feedback and suggestions. That will make your readers feel that they’re participating in two-way communication and not just a one-sided sales pitch.


You do not want to come off like you’re sending automated or generic emails. You won’t stand out that way. It’s better to craft persoanlized emails, as it increases your open rate by up to 50%. To achieve that goal, you begin with a compelling subject line. Here’s your chance to appeal to your target audience intimately, as if you know the recipient personally.

You can’t go wrong with using your recipient’s given name in the subject line and email body. That will make them feel like you’re sending something exclusive to them instead of a message sent to many. You can also point out a subject of interest to your recipient. In most cases, that would be enough to inspire their curiosity.

Get interactive

Do not limit yourself to emails containing only a block of text. Come up with something dynamic. For example, you can add videos. Doing so increases CTR by up to 300%. Other interactive options include collapsible menus, sliders, and GIFs. You can also incorporate infographics, pop-ups, and clickable links in the email body.

Given how many are opposed to wordy emails, be wary of how you compose them. They can’t be boring. They must be engaging enough without compromising the core of your message. That is the sales pitch you’re trying to make.

Make your readers feel valued

Being considerate scores you points, too, so refrain from sending emails at ungodly hours. Make it easy for your recipients to opt out of your email list as well. That will make them feel like they’re in charge and they’re not being held captive by your brand.

As for the actual message, be mindful of your tone. Talk to your reader as if you’re in conversation with someone you regard with respect. Any brand that places customers in low esteem will suffer from such an oversight.

Lastly, make sure that your email addresses pain points relevant to the reader. Out-of-touch emails fail to inspire engagement.

Clearly discuss what you offer

Your email, in all its friendliness and sincerity and dynamism, has to sell something. And you have to discuss what that is clearly. Consider your customers as bright individuals who won’t be misled. So do not make the mistake of trying to mislead.

Instead, be straight with your intentions. Tell your customers what’s in it for them. And if what you have on offer is enticing enough, they’ll willingly take the bait.


People access their emails using different gadgets, from desktops to smartwatches and everything in between. That’s why your emails must be responsive. Consider how they will look on varying screen sizes. They must be readable, whether on a tablet or a smartphone. This is also another way to show your target audience that you care.

Build genuine relationships

Research shows that only 20.81 percent of emails get opened. There’s always the all-too-real possibility that your recipients won’t even bother reading what you have to say. That’s why you must work on building a solid relationship with your subscribers—the kind that would motivate them to click through your email campaigns each time.

You might get tempted to purchase email lists. While that’s an option worth exploring, that’s not the foundation you want for your email campaigns in the long run. Your best approach would be to build authentic relationships with your customers. Have them sufficiently invested in your brand that they’ll voluntarily sign up for your email blasts.

Be Properly Guided

No email marketing strategies and tools will work in your favor without a foolproof plan. And it’s crucial to anchor that plan on SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound) goals.

While this content champions email marketing as a possible inclusion to your marketing arsenal, it nonetheless recognizes the challenges encountered by this classic digital marketing tool. That’s especially true for cold emails. That’s where strong subject lines come in.

Consider your subject line as your one shot to attract a reader’s attention. Make sure it’s catchy. The goal is to tickle your recipient’s interest enough for them to click open. Once that’s out of the way, you’ve overcome your biggest hurdle. By then, it’s what you say in the email body and how you say it that will spell the difference between dismissal and engagement.

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How to Use TikTok for eCommerce

17 Mar 2022, 12:41 am

TikTok hasn’t been around as long as other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but it can still be valuable for eCommerce businesses. While the majority of TikTok users belong to Gen Z, there are plenty of Millennials and even Baby Boomers joining monthly. This means that there is a chance that the target audience for your brand can be found on this popular platform.

If you’re interested in using TikTok to grow your eCommerce brand, we’re offering a few tried-and-true tips that will help you learn how to promote your products and make the most out of the platform.

1. Grow Your Account

One of the fastest ways for brands to gain visibility on TikTok is by partnering with influencers. In 2021, 42% of US marketers used TikTok for influencer marketing. This number is expected to keep increasing as TikTok continues to close the gap with the largest social platform Facebook for influencer marketing use. Partnering with influencers allows you to rapidly build brand awareness and reach massive numbers of potential customers.

For even faster results, consider using a TikTok booster, i.e. a TikTok growth service. A good growth service will help you grow your account quickly, organically, and with more advanced targeting. This, on the other hand, will lead to increased levels of engagement and possibly earn you a spotlight on the #ForYou page where brands can tap into a huge audience that is interested and ready to make purchases.

2. Share Creative Content

eCommerce brands can increase the number of views and boost brand awareness by creating short how-to videos that show how their products can be used. Videos featuring FAQs also do well on the platform. Think about the questions your potential customers might want to ask you and answer them in an entertaining, light-hearted way.

You can also share behind-the-scenes videos to develop personal connections with your customers and generate brand loyalty. Other types of content to take into consideration include new product announcements, in-store displays, inspirational messages from the founder, and user-generated content.

3. Create a Viral Challenge

TikTok challenges are an affordable way to generate UGC (user-generated content) which serves as valuable social proof. When creating one for your brand, make sure it is easy enough for people to get involved in. For instance, you can simply encourage them to post pictures of themselves with one of your products in an unusual location.

Be sure to set clear terms and submission guidelines, and create a hashtag to make the content more visible. Consider also offering a reward as an extra incentive for users to get involved. With proper planning, this strategy can boost brand awareness, bring in customers, and provide you with tons of fresh content.

4. Use Hashtags

While TikTok allows brands to reach new audiences, its huge popularity also makes it hard for your content to stand out. For this reason, you should consider using popular hashtags. Hashtags give life to TikTok challenges, storytelling, and memes but most importantly, they help with discoverability. Some of the most popular hashtags on the platform are #tiktok, #foryoupage, #fyp, #viral, #love, and #funny.

You should also bear in mind that music tracks also work like hashtags. By adding a trending music track to your posts, you get the opportunity to reach users who have seen videos with the same music.

5. Use TikTok Ads

Ads on TikTok work like paid ads on any other social media site and can include branded effects, brand takeovers, in-feed ads, top views, and branded hashtag challenges. TikTok ads reach nearly 18% of all internet users aged 18 and over. That’s 884 million people or 15.9% of the worldwide population of people over 18.

As with any social platform, TikTok ads require experimentation. Every brand is unique, so in order to figure out what works best for your business and your audience, be sure to test several different types of ads and learn from the data.

Final Thoughts

With its fast growth and unique appeal, TikTok can be a great place to promote your products, cultivate brand loyalty, and grow your eCommerce business. There are many different ways in which the platform can be used, and it can be an especially attractive option for those with a tight budget. TikTok has a lot of untapped potential, and now is the best time to start using it.

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Things have changed in the last decade. The omnipresence of the internet has changed the world. 

As per one report by Statista, over 4.66 billion active internet users were recorded around the globe, which was more than half of the global population. Social media and eCommerce are two of the innovative outcomes of the internet.

The number of internet users is increasing with each passing day. One report stated that the global internet penetration rate was 59% in 2020 and the figure is increasing every year.

Social media and eCommerce have given birth to a whole new social shopping experience to the customers through social commerce. If you are an online business owner, you might rethink implementing social commerce for your brand.

In this article, I have provided a complete overview of social commerce and how it can help you in 2022.

What is Social Commerce and How Your Brand Can Benefit From It?

Social Commerce is the innovative approach by the savvy marketers that combine the eCommerce with social media. Social media and eCommerce are not new. They have been with us for a while.

The exponential growth and emergence of new social media platforms have led the online businesses to new points of sales to target the potential customers. Social media and eCommerce have amalgamated and allowed the online store owners to sell the products to the customers from a wide audience base.

The social media platforms have also evolved in the last few years to amalgamate with the hype of online shopping. For e.g., Facebook introduced Facebook Shop during the Covid-19 pandemic to allow the small vendors and business owners to take their business online.

In a nutshell, social commerce refers to practice of selling products to the users that are scrolling through the social media platforms.

Social commerce can help your brand in several ways, from improving brand visibility to providing frictionless shopping experience. It is beneficial to reach to the potential customers when they are scrolling through the social media in their leisure time.

Why Social Commerce?

One of the major mistakes that the eCommerce business owners commit is that they ignore the importance of social media. Considering influence of social media on people’s mindset, social commerce is indeed worth the shot for most of the businesses.

Social commerce can transform the traditional shopping experience into a more social experience. Unlike traditional eCommerce, customers are not just limited to solely buying the product for the bills. Altogether putting, customers can show off their new purchases through posts, review products, share them with their friends, put stories, and much more.

No business can afford to lose such a wide audience base and remarketing opportunity for their products. The plethora of social commerce advantages can not be entirely overlooked.

The Social Commerce Hype

Social media has been hailing the internet for a long time now. It has evolved quite in the last few years with the emergence of new platforms that pulled us closer than ever. Also, you can not ignore the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on social media and online shopping.

During the pandemic, tough times forced the people around the world to stay apart from each other, and internet proved to be a boon for the global society. The social media and eCommerce proved themselves to be excellent solutions filling the social emptiness.

People shifted towards online shopping during the pandemic to avoid physical contacts. Social media platforms usage also much increased during the pandemic owing to the lockdowns around the world. That phase of the pandemic has given birth to the wave of social media and eCommerce around the world.

We can expect the same trend to continue in the upcoming years, bringing a massive revolution around the world.

Different Types of Social Commerce Platforms

Over the past few years, social media platforms have evolved well with major update to comply with the social commerce trends. The massive wave of digitalization has endowed the world with new ways to shop online. I have provided different social commerce platforms below.

Chatbots and Messengers

Chatbots and messenger shopping experience are the bandwagons and the renowned brands are already hopping on them. Plenty of reasons are there to go for them.

Chatbot shopping can decimate the number of efforts required by the customers to find their desired product to make a purchase. AI-powered chatbots are smart enough to give compelling product suggestions to customers based on the data.

Although the technology is still burgeoning, many of the eCommerce stores are already on board!

Instagram Checkout

Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing social media platforms, owned by Facebook.

In May 2019, Instagram announced ‘Checkout on Instagram’ that allowed the users to shop through their Instagram Feeds, view the product and complete the checkout step within the platform.

The feature allows the brands to list their products on the platform to reach a wide customer base. Also facilitates easy and on the go shopping experience for the users.

Checkout on Instagram allows the customers to frictionless shop their favourite brands without leaving the platform. Once the user completes the checkout process, Instagram saves the information in the profile, making future checkouts easier.

Shoppable Stories and Stickers

Stories and stickers add to the social media fun. Instagram introduced shoppable stickers and stories that allowed the brands to create CTA for their online stores.

Such functionality also facilitates the influencers to promote brands and products through stories to their fan followers. You can add the stickers to story images or videos that can link to the physical products from the eCommerce inventory.

Brands can use different shopping stickers to promote their products. Instagram provides the option to show a shopping bag icon, product name in rainbow or gray, or translucent text as stickers.

Reasons to Use Social Commerce for Your Brand

Social commerce offers a plenty of benefits to your brand. Listed below are the few important reasons that might persuade you to use social commerce for your brand in 2022.

Larger Audience Base

Social media is ever expanding and is a perfect place to reach to the potential customers. Over 4 billion social media users are there around the world. Being on social media means you are just few steps away from being noticed by millions of users.

Unlike eCommerce, social commerce reaches to a wider range of audience with minimum efforts and marketing.

Enhance Branding

If you are not reaching to your customers through social commerce, you are missing a major part of your branding. Users prefer to scroll social media during their leisure time and are more likely to get converted to customers. Provide an easy way to shop right from their fingertips using just a few clicks to improve your brand image and your customer’s loyalty.

Therefore, social commerce can influence your brand image and help you speed up branding process.

Target Potential Customers

It is essential to target the correct audience for optimum conversions. Social media platforms can help businesses to target their favourable customer based on various demographics and data insights.

For e.g., eCommerce store selling men’s shoes can target male users of a specific age range and from a specific area for optimum conversions.

Frictionless Process

Buying online is smoother than ever with the frictionless buying process through social commerce. Customer enjoys smoother online shopping experience with minimum efforts. Social commerce allows the customers to have a ‘See-Tap-Buy’ shopping experience at their convenience.

Generate Social Proof

Online shopping has became transparent than ever before with social commerce. It allows the customers and users to share their valuable reviews that can act as social proof for future buyers.

It can allow the brands to gain reputation, prove authenticity, trustworthiness, and also facilitates the customers to buy products with a transparent shopping platform.

Social Commerce – Things to Consider

Every coin has two sides, and so does social commerce. There is plenty of advantages of using social commerce for your brand along with few disadvantages.

Advantages of Social Commerce

  • Remove the Middleman: Social commerce can remove the middleman and can help the brands to reach to the customers directly and interact with them.
  • Transparency: Online shopping is more transparent than ever with social commerce.
  • Interactive: Customers can opt for interactive shopping through the social commerce platforms.
  • Target Mobile Shoppers: Most of the people prefer using social media on mobile phone and social commerce provides the brands to reach to mobile shoppers through it.
  • Reach Global Audience: Social commerce covers global audience breaking the language and cultural barriers.

Disadvantages of Social Commerce

  • Reduced Website Traffic: Leveraging social commerce can reduce the amount of traffic on the brand site, as people would prefer shopping on social media. This can impact the SEO and overall ranking of the website.
  • Time Consuming: The social commerce is focused on the shoppers, not for the business owners. Therefore, it can be time and resource consuming for the brands to maintain their presence over social commerce.

Final Words on Social Commerce

Evolution is the key to success in every species. We can also say the same for the businesses. Novel business strategies and ways are being innovated over time and businesses must evolve themselves accordingly to survive.

Social commerce is an emerging way for the online businesses to thrive in this digital world. Reach to the potential customers is easier than ever with the social commerce. It is the phase for the eCommerce businesses to rethink their business strategy and adapt to the social commerce trends in 2022. Also, it becomes crucial to do so to survive in this competitive ecommerce world.

It is thriving and is has not saturated the market yet. Businesses can grab this opportunity to make their debut in the social commerce market to lead.

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Social media marketing has an array of people who use the medium to showcase the best a company has to offer. You can use social media to successfully turn around your brand image as well as for grabbing maximum exposure. However, there are times when you get exhausted with content and reach. To breach the gap, you need to get associated with an influencer or a digital creator. But, what’s the difference between digital content creator vs. influencer. Let’s find out.

Difference Between Instagram Business Influencers and Content Creators

While most often people think that an influencer and a digital creator are one and the same thing, they are wrong. Sure, both digital content creators and influencers extensively use social media to showcase a brand’s products and services. However, they are two completely different entities. In the world of digital marketing, companies do get involved with influencer marketing or associate themselves with digital content creators.

Understanding the difference between the two can help you access what kind of branded content you’re looking for in your social media strategy. Influencer marketing can help a brand reach the higher number of followers that influencers or digital content creators have. Consequently, when an influencer or a digital content creator displays a product or service to their audience, there are higher chances of lead generation. But, associating with only an influencer or a digital creator may not be the best option for every brand. You need to understand the difference between the two to analyse which suits your brand the best. For this you need to know what either of them do to gain digital marketing.

  • Digital Creators

Digital creators get involved in showcasing a product or service in the manner that their audiences like. They focus on creating photos, vidoes, graphics, blogs or infographics to display a product or a service. They generally have a professional outlook and usually create high quality content to share on various platforms.

Digital content creators share their work on various platforms including social media, YouTube channel, or more. Some of them even have their own website that displays their work. Most digital content creators focus on specific products or services. For example, a digital creator may showcase only tech products and compare various brands. Similarly, they create blog posts or videos to show How Tos, Comparisons, Best Products in their respective categories and much more.

  • Influencers

As their name suggests, influencers try to influence their audience into buying a specific product. They usually do not have a specific category but in recent times there are a number of influencers who engage themselves in certain sections of products or services. For instance,  one can be only a travel influencer and showcase various locations, restaurants, hotels, and must visit sites.

Unlike digital content creators, influencers showcase how they live and based on their category they display products from various brands by creating personalised videos or images. Followers of these influencers like to associate themselves with the brand that these influencers use and create a good opportunity for companies to display their products.

Difference Between a Digital Content Creator and an Influencer

While both may appear to be similar, since influencers are creating content and content creators are influencing their audience. The objective and intention behind each of them is the major difference. While an influencer intends to make sure that their audience buys certain products, a digital content creator intends to educate their audience on various products.

Influencers usually charge a certain percentage or get paid on a per post basis, digital content creators charge based on individual posts or a project. While associating yourself with an influencer will only result in social media photos or videos. Digital content creators will give your brand content surrounding your product.

Influencers are usually limited to social media apps, digital content creators get involved in showcasing products on various platforms and some have their own websites. Creating a blog post describing a product or making a YouTube video explaining a product in depth is carried out by digital content creators.

Associating with a digital content creator can help a brand with professional content for their business. Moreover, a content creator can help a brand showcase their products in unique styles. You can also use the created content to use on your social media platforms.

On the other hand, an influencer can help a brand reach wider audiences and create brand awareness. Once an influencer displays a product, their audience instantly gains trust in that brand which can prove to be fruitful for a company.  Similarly, you can reach a niche audience by displaying your latest products.

Though both influencers and digital content creators help a brand achieve a wider audience, it is on a company what type of influencer marketing they are looking for. As a brand it is important to analyse the reach and engagement of a digital content creator or an influencer to make sure you make the right move.

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In the last few years, marketing techniques have reached a whole new level with the rise in the number of social media platforms and growing digitization throughout the world. Recently, a new marketing technique known as influencer marketing came in vogue for targeting more audiences. It has been hailed as a creative strategy that can be applied by marketers for connecting with and engaging the customers.

What exactly is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a kind of marketing strategy where key leaders are used to driving your company’s image in the market. By applying such a marketing strategy, you do not directly market your products but use top influencers by either hiring them or paying them or in some cases, inspiring them.

How Much Influential is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing must not be taken lightly as an exhortation. It is the next big thing and will only grow with time. A recent study held up that in the next few years, most marketing professionals are planning to increase their customer base. They are planning to do it by launching campaigns using various influencer marketing techniques.

Furthermore, another study has found that more than half of the marketers that have used the influencer marketing technique are extremely happy with amazing results and they are planning to increase their spending in the years to come for having a higher social outreach. You don’t need to take up influencer marketing technique just because everybody is doing it, you need to take it up because it really works and it is carried out properly it can become a major component of your marketing technique.

How can You Achieve your Business Goals?

Following are some of the benefits of influencer marketing and a few reasons how influencer marketing can help you in achieving business growth in the coming years:

It is a Great Alternative to Other Digital Marketing Techniques

As compared to other marketing techniques, influencer marketing is the better way to market your brand, since influencers have a strong influence on the people and come with a readymade fan base. All you need to do is fire an influencer and let that person do the taking on behalf of your brand.

Even in cases of digital advertising and paid promotion, you might encounter problems since many consumers use ad-blocking applications on their browsers thus preventing your advertisement from being seen. On the other hand, with influencers, it will never happen and your brand will always get noticed by the followers of the influencers.

Better Return on Investments

No matter how good you do a job through content marketing, influencer marketing generates more revenue, provided you choose the right people at the right time. Plus the return on investment increases with time, this is because the marketing is done in the name of the influencer by simply paying the influencer.

Increased Brand Authenticity

A good influencer will not only increase the reach of your brand on social media platforms but also add an authenticity component to the message of your brand thereby taking care of your branding on social media. Consumers might be attracted toward your brand, however, they have might get somewhat skeptical in times when a digital marketer is unable to control it. Any blog or any message that influencers create will not be subjected to a lot of inquiry and is considered organic, even in those cases where sponsors and advertisements are associated.

It goes without saying that as a brand, it is always great to claim that your brand is amazing, through advertisements, but it is even great if you get someone famous do it for you. This is because, any customer would trust an individual over any single brand, no matter how big the brand is.

More Engagement

As mentioned earlier an influencer comes with a readymade fan base and supporters. Associating with and hiring the right kind of influencers will help in covering all the work done through your marketing techniques, thereby increasing your return on investments.

More Awareness

An influencer is someone who is already successful. Therefore higher a successful influencer for your next influencer marketing operation will help you in making more people getting aware of your company as a brand. Hence, more of your target customers will continue to visit your website, subscribe to your products and services. Furthermore, you will also gain a large number of followers on your social media profiles and pages.

Increased Trust

Additionally, your brand will also profit from influencer marketing in such a way that is hard to get and also hard to measure, i.e., whether your customers trust your brand or not. If you hire the right kind of influencers for promoting your brand, in addition to brand awareness the trust factor among the customers will also increase in no time.

Factors to consider before you Hire an Influencer

The more popular the influencer is, the more price you will have to pay for hiring the influencer for influencer marketing. The first thing you need to do is to find the right influencer that goes with your niche and the one whose fan base consists mostly of your target customers. Intrinsically, it helps in some cases to care about the marketing budget prior to the hiring of top influencers. If it is unknown to you about how much the spending is going to be, it will be extremely tougher for you to find out whether the influencer whom you think fits your budget, is a long-term option or not.

Before you go for influencer marketing and hire an influencer for your increasing your brand image, you should consider various factors.

The Way Your Objectives might Affect Influencer Marketing

The total budget you should consider before taking up influencer marketing. It is greatly dependent on your goals and what you want to accomplish through the marketing of your products and services. It also depends upon the techniques that you use to get to your final objective. Generally, a company’s objectives include increased brand awareness, better business to customer engagement, and thereby converting targets into leads. Once your objectives are set then you shall be fully prepared to use the techniques of influencer marketing.

Using Various Platforms

There exist a plethora of platforms through which you can do influencer marketing. You can also search for influencers to promote your brand. Even there exist abundant influencer marketing tools that are free to use which can help your brand find top influencers.

Different Marketing Agencies have Different Strategies

If you search through the web, you might come across plenty of agencies that offer you influencer marketing services. Their main job is to connect different influencers with suitable brands. Such agencies consist of professionals with huge experience in carrying out influencer marketing processes. These marketing agencies will help your brand in creating and planning various influencer marketing strategies and executing those strategies. They will also help you managing your digital marketing campaigns on various platforms. They have experience working closely with top influencers. Hence, they bring on the table key information about the rate of suitable influencers. This in turn will help your brand in finding a famous influencer within the budget of your marketing campaign.

How You Can Get Started?

There has been a huge growth in the influencer marketing landscape. But if you look a little bit further, you will observe that the processes through which different companies work alongside influencers are also subjected to continuous evolution. This is due to a major change in the technology scenario. You might get a bit overwhelmed if you dive right into this without prior experience. You need to be acquainted with various strategies which can assist your brand is setting itself up for triumph.

For instance, if your brand starts investing in influencer marketing, it would huge benefit if it goes for campaigns that produce brand awareness. In this way, the message of the brand will reach the public and will even start to influence other influencers, who in turn, will become intent to work with your brand.

After your brand produces a social awareness through various media, it can then develop its affiliate influencer strategy and then allow other small influencers to make affiliate links for your products. Then these links can be organically incorporated into their content. Such affiliate marketing techniques will help your brands to maintain a popular character through influencer marketing. It will also help you in fostering better relationships with other influencers. These influencers will help you by driving up your brand awareness and the returns will be more than ever.

Final Thought

Observing recent trends, our experts have found out that the influencer marketing landscape will continue to evolve through time. This in turn will make diversify the influencers and also make them accessible to different brands in a big way. Different brands of different industries must be looking for ways in which they can get ahead and start leveraging more influencers by making part of their influencer marketing strategies in the future.

The following article must have provided you with all the information you needed to know about influencer marketing strategies and how to start implementing them for your brand. Brands that have wisely used this marketing technic have succeeded more than others. Furthermore, 2022 is the perfect year for influencer marketing as most digital businesses are starting to go for it, at full pace to promote their products and services.

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With the advent of digitalization, the internet has revolutionized how we do business in 2022. The digital atmosphere is fired by competition. Staying ahead in the digital marketing game is no longer limited to applying basic industry principles. The dynamics of the digital world constantly change, which is why persistent amendments in digital marketing strategies is a must. With the assistance of a professional digital marketing company, you can take your business to the heights of success.

During the surge of the Covid-19 pandemic, marketers have been forced into survival mode to keep their businesses afloat. At the same time, the less fortunate businesses have shut their doors permanently. Due to the devastating effects of the pandemic, businesses are rapidly investing in digital marketing services.

Billboards, newspaper and cold calling is an outdated thing. If you want your business to thrive, investing in digital marketing strategies is vital. It is crucial to have sufficient knowledge to stay updated on the latest tools and methodologies for boosting your online presence. In order to approach potential customers, utilizing correct marketing channels is of utmost importance. By using online marketing channels such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging, online businesses are generating wealth and reaching out to more users than ever before.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing comprises all forms of marketing that take place online. Integrated with technology and media digital marketing is empowering various businesses with different marketing activities. Any action carried out by using any electronic media towards the promotion of goods and services can be defined as digital marketing. It is primarily internet-based activity aimed at providing services or selling goods.

In this digital age, millions of people spend huge time duration poking around digital platforms. Businesses are minutely observing this and taking leverage on the opportunity to promote their goods and services. Marketing can be summed up as a connection with customers in the right place at the right time.

In 2022, if you don’t have a strong online presence, then the possibility of losing potential clients is very high. Investing in a holistic digital marketing strategy is essential that employs a variety of platforms and works to give your business a competitive edge. Every business incorporates a different digital marketing strategy that best suits their work.

The influx of change during Covid-19 has extended to the marketing department, and there are more than enough tools and opportunities accessible to the users to engage more effectively with prospects and potential target market.

We Have Curated a List Of Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Digital Marketing In 2022.

In 2021, businesses and individuals from all over the world have been engulfed in recovering from the traumatic shocks of the Covid 19 pandemic. In 2022, every field and industry will try to adapt to the associated changes. Have a closer look at the top 11 reasons, Why You Need to Invest in Digital Marketing in 2022.

  1. Increase Customer Loyalty with Frequent Communications

Establishing customer loyalty can be tough, but it is well worth all your efforts since you know that it costs more to attract and convert new customers than it does to retain existing customers.  Finalizing a deal and making a sale is great but if that client comes back with another project is even better. In order to maintain such a relationship with the client, you need to keep in contact with them, and digital marketing can make that easier for you.

Some Proven Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase Customer Loyalty Are as Follows:

  • Personalized email offers

As you gradually learn about your customers, you can send them personalized emails suitable for their requirements. Offering seasonal discount codes and coupons for related products or exclusive access to new products can be helpful to win your customer’s trust.

  • Social Media Engagement

Encouraging your customers to follow your business on social media platforms can help develop a bond with your customer. You will have daily access to them as they scroll through their social media feeds. If you keep them engaged with relatable, inspiring, and helpful content, it will result in positive feedback from clients.

  1. Engage the customer at every buying stage

Before the popularization of digital marketing, not everyone was aware of the customer journey. Earlier, a customer would go to a physical store after seeing an ad on TV or in the newspaper, make a decision and pay for the product or service inside the store. However, in digital marketing, we are able to track every step that a customer makes.

The scenario has changed now. These days, it is common for a customer to see an ad online and compare the price at different websites. On the other hand, mobile apps also provide shoppers with special offers and coupons. Digital marketing plays an important role in enhancing the user experience by understanding the customer’s buying journey.

  1. Targets the right audience

Targeting your specific business market can be a daunting task but not with digital marketing. It enables the users to effectively focus on their specific target market with revolutionary digital marketing techniques. With access to the online tools, you can make sure to target the right audience. Through search engine optimization and by analyzing the demographics, you can increase your customer base and target the right audience.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is yet another prominent part of digital marketing. Social media platforms are the strongest medium to stay in touch with your customers. Being a powerful tool to grow your business online, social media marketing enables you to reach more potential customers and drive traffic to your website.

Popular social media sites are as follows:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Tik Tok
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is one of the major drivers of organic (unpaid) traffic to websites. With the help of this technique, you are able to rank for the keywords users are searching for in order to find businesses like yours. You can rise above your competitors in organic search and drive more traffic to your website and various online channels by making the right keyword rank.

  1. Mobile Access

During the Covid-19 surge, the use of smartphones increased at a drastic rate. People switched to using a smartphone for countless activities like news, scrolling through social media websites, and much more. Reaching out to the potential target audience becomes easier with digital marketing. With the help of remarketing ads, email, and text marketing, you can be in front of your audience while they use multiple apps on their phones.

  1. Expansion

Since most of the shopping takes place online, digital marketing allows you to appeal to these people, resulting in your company’s expansion. Between Google Shopping Ads and brand awareness campaigns, it is easy to expand your brand recognition and boost sales.

  1. Interactivity

Digital Marketing enables you to communicate directly with the customers who see your content. There are various ways through which you can get in touch with your potential customer directly, through website comments, messages, reviews, and social media posts. Persistent interaction with your customers makes them feel respected and part of the community you’re building. It helps you gather valuable information and feedback from your customers.

  1. Authority

Digital Marketing makes it easier to clear issues and controversies related to your products or services. It will enable you to create your own specific authority on these types of concerns and topics. By spreading authentic information, readers can trust you and eventually make a purchase. Digital Marketing allows you to come off as the industry expert that you are and behold the trust in your business.

  • Influencer Engagement

Social media plays a crucial role in promoting influential figures. Digital Marketing grants you an opportunity to engage with such influencers and collab with them for promotional purposes. If you play your cards right, you can get them to endorse you and spread brand awareness.

Why Invest in Digital Marketing: Key Takeaways

  • Lower investment and higher flexibility for your marketing efforts.
  • Reach out to the customers who rely on their mobile phones or do most of their shopping online.
  • You have the authority to speak on the topics concerning your services and products.
  • A golden opportunity to incorporate various media platforms in your marketing strategies.
  • A possibility to engage with influencers and get them to endorse your company.
  • The ability to track customers’ purchase journeys.

 Final Words!

The internet presents endless opportunities for businesses to reach as many customers as possible through a variety of channels. Ranging from SEO to social media to email marketing, you have access to various digital marketing strategies to invest in. If you are willing to drive more traffic and generate more sales, then there are lots of best digital marketing company who can take your business to the heights of success.

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The top 15 video production company of 2022 for sharing your message. Nowadays, it is simple to create a video through your own. But when it comes down to it, when the video has to stand out, you really only have two options: engage an in-house team else hire another of the best video production companies can communicate your message and make it stand out. Video production companies manage the entire production process, so all you have to do is tell them what you want, when you want this to feel, and what you want viewers to do—they’ll do the rest.

And there are a plethora of video production companies ready to take their message and turn it into a fantastic video ad, video short, and feature film. But, with so many video production companies to pick from, how do you make an ideal one for your brand?

That’s where we can help. In this post, we’ll provide the top 15 video production company we’ve identified to add moving graphics to your message and turn it into something our target audience won’t be able to ignore.

Video is one of the most effective ways to advertise your company and stand out in a digital world crowded with other flashy objects vying for your attention. While it is possible to generate high-quality videos through your own, choosing a video production company allows you to focus your valuable time on steering the direction of your brand rather than figuring out video editing software with sound engineering.

The video production companies on this list are among the best in the market and are eager to put their skills to work to assist your brand achieve its targets.

1. Film District

Film District is an Indian video production company having a large presence in Navi Mumbai and Dubai, UAE. The company, which was created in 2008, offers video services such as advertising and branding, social media videos, corporate videos, and more. Film District also offers a staff of motion graphics specialists, so if you want your ideas to come to life through 2D or 3D animation, they’ve got you covered. In addition, they offer scriptwriting, storyboarding, voice-overs, infographics, and editing. Canon, Serco, Babyshop, and UNOO have all commissioned content from Film District.

2. SociallyIn

SociallyIn is a noteworthy social media agency that provides a wide range of services to clients from a variety of sectors. They assist brands in making long-lasting connections through personal involvement. They are creative and production masters with a specific focus on social media content production. SociallyIn covers all of your social media content production requirements in-house with the help of a team of creatives that are experts in their fields.

Through social media strategies, custom content, influencer marketing, ROI modelling and data analysis, social media advertising management, and community management, SociallyIn is one of the best video production company, utilizing innovation and top creative talent to keep your brand ahead of the competition.

3. SONA Studios

SONA Studios is a media agency based in Sydney that specialises in video production, social media marketing, live broadcasting, site development, and design. With their knowledge and experience, you will be able to expand your brand by reaching a larger audience, improving communications, creating more interesting content, and marketing more effectively.

4. ECG Productions

ECG Productions is a complete service video production company with over ten years of experience in “script-to-screen” video production and editing. They are situated in Atlanta, Georgia, and their services include scriptwriting, 2D and 3D animation, sound design, compositing, and original music creation. Comcast, Coca-Cola, UPS, and Verizon are among its notable clients.

5. Black Production Films

Black Production Videos is a top video production company that specializes in corporate films. They may assist brands in identifying and constructing what they require to expand. Black Production Films offers a wide range of production services to clients by combining their experience and creativity with cutting-edge technology. Facebook, Red Bull, USP, CNN, L’Oréal, Shell, USAID, Vice News, and Chevron are among their clients.

6. Bastion Elevate

Bastion Elevate is a video production company that also provides marketing services such as social media marketing, public relations, influencer marketing, and content production. They offer a highly skilled staff of professionals who can assist your company in increasing brand awareness, capturing market share, and expanding digital sales.

7. Blue Carrot Studio

Blue Carrot Studios is an excellent resource for video marketing and creative storytelling with heart, comedy, passion, and purpose. They use a variety of visual and animation styles to create animated explainer videos, promo videos, commercials, eLearning, cartoons, and corporate videos.

8. Picturelab

Picturelab is a video production company that specializes in explainer and commercial videos. They are specialists for both live-action as animation and will handle your project through start to end to develop powerful ads that will last.

9. DHD Films

DHD Films is a video production company situated in Dallas that provides full-service video production with motion graphics. They have worked with enterprises of various sizes, including Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies. H&M, AT&T, Jaguar, and Microsoft are among its noteworthy clientele.

10. Ydraw

Ydraw generates engaging, innovative, and interactive movies for brands to use in telling their storey in a fun and attention-grabbing manner. They provide video production services as well as distribution and marketing.

11. Bold Content Video

Bold Content Video, in addition to their other services, conference videos, provides branded content, and also event videos. This London-based video production company provides you with access to their in-house group of film specialists that bring innovation, enthusiasm, and passion to every job they produce. Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Tommy Hilfiger, and Google are among their most noteworthy clientele.

12. MultiVisionDigital

MultiVisionDigital is a New York-based video production and video marketing company. They offer a comprehensive range of services such as video planning, remote video production, marketing, and production. MultiVisionDigitla’s clientele range from solopreneurs to worldwide Fortune 500 firms across industries, and they have helped them grow revenue, generate more leads, raise brand awareness, enhance SEO, and build client loyalty.

13. Demo Duck

Demo Duck is a video production company specializing in product promotion, education, and brand affinity.  They can create high-quality solutions by combining creative strategy and video production.

14. Atlanta Video

Since 1976, Atlanta Video has provided video production services to businesses of all sizes. They are a boutique shop in Atlanta that works with top items, videographers, and graphic artists. Atlanta Video covered the 1997 Olympics for IBM, as well as NBC, TBS, A&E, and The National Geographic Channel.

15. Big 3 Media

Big 3 Media is a video production company based in Singapore that blends film, animation, virtual reality, content strategy, and graphic design to produce outstanding narrative for your project. With over a decade of experience and even a track record in over 32 cities, they are well-positioned to take on your project. Edelman, P&G, Asics, and Dentsu are among its more well-known clients.

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